Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances

UI Compass


The Compass is a script for online browser MMO game C&C: Tiberium Alliances that will add small compass to left top corner of the game screen pointing to your currently selected base. It also displays a distance to the base.

Release info

  • 2012/12/11: Fixed compass for new API
  • 2012/11/25: Added alternative compass version
  • 2012/11/18 - 1.0.0: Fully functional compass (zoom bug fixed)
  • 2012/11/16 - 0.1.0 beta: Test release

Install instructions

If you haven't already Grease Monkey (Firefox) or Tamper Monkey (Chrome) installed then get them first.

Then just click on the install button and that's it. From now on the compass will be displayed and you will never get lost again.

The script comes in two versions

  • First version points from the compass itself (default).
  • The other version points from the center of the screen (alt).